Author: Jason


Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy

It became famous and somewhat controversial as NYT praised it up. I read the first two chapters of the book and put it aside. I am already intensively studying about so-called “WMDs”, machine learning. It was, for me, like a summary of my field. I could agree that recently AI changed and is changing the …


The West Wing – Fabulous Masterpiece

I’ve recently watched the whole season of “The West Wing”. Even though there is a criticism that it’s “The Left Wing” or so, it was astonishing that such important, inevitable, and serious issues were dealt with a decade ago, whatever the denouements in the show were. I’m sure that I will see this masterpiece again …

Computer Science

Building programming contest system, Domjudge (LAMP, AWS)

Install Domjudge & Spotboard with LAMP & AWS on Ubuntu 16. 04 Due to growing interests and industrial demands for┬áproblem-solving skill, much more programming contests have taken place in recent years. There emerge lots of services which provide the contest system and resources for it, however, because of the security problem, they may not be …